How Can We Help You?

Whether you are an individual, a small team or large corporate, I appreciate that you have your very own specific needs.  I am therefore happy to talk to you first, to see what may suit you best, before suggesting a way forward.
Please have a look at some of the services that are available to you (or just get in touch with us) and we can discuss exactly what's right for you.

Face to Face Networking Advice, Training and Coaching

Colin at Networking MeetingThe ability to network successfully can be one of the greatest assets in business, but if no thought and planning goes into the Why, When, Where, What, Who and How of networking it can cause great damage to you and your brand.  Effective networking isn't a result of luck - it is a skill that needs to be learned, but if practised properly it can bring great business or personal rewards and opportunities. 
Colin is available for 1-2-1 and group sessions and all sessions are tailored to suit each individual client's needs.  You will leave with a clearer understanding of what effective networking really is about.  You will also be in possession of ideas, tips, actions, plans and a strategy that gives you the tools to deliver the networking results you deserve.

Need a Guest Speaker.

Colin has presented and talked to a wide variety of organisations from corporate companies, business groups, clubs and associations to community groups and charities.  He has spoken at conferences, business exhibitions, shows, seminars, luncheons and team or sales workshops. 

He can speak on a range of topics from business networking to nutrition and the time, content and subjects can be tailored to suit any audience or group of any size.  Colin is passionate about any subject he talks about and delivers entertaining, inspirational and powerful presentations.  He is well known for being very interactive with his audience at any talk or presentation he delivers.

Article Writing

Why not take advantage of Colin’s expertise and hire him to compose articles or features for your newsletters, e-zines, magazines and websites.

Networking Events

Colin at Networking MtgIf you are thinking of running your own networking meeting, or marketing a particular event, why not speak to Colin.  He has experience of running his own events over many years and has been actively involved in promoting and organising business exhibitions and shows.
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